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Sights and activities

Welcome to Anjou. A region proud of a rich heritage, bathed by the River Loire (inscribed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage list), filled with lush, fabulous sceneries.

Its history, vineyards, chateaus and gastronomy will enchant you on the many escapades the region has to offer.

To help you organize :

We have selected a list of sights and activities no one should miss to turn your stay into a wonderful experience.

Must-See in Angers

The Château d’Angers.

An undeniable must-see where you can dominate the city of Angers and the River Maine from its high towers, simply superb! The Chateau hosts the famous Apocalypse Tapestry, a medieval art masterpiece.
Photo credits : Franck Anderson.

The château d'Angers

The David d’Angers Museum.

All the works (or nearly) from sculptor David d’Angers (1788-1856) are gathered in this splendid 13th century abbey. An enchanting stroll amid famous bust portrays and colossal sculptures.
Photo credits : Musées d’Angers.

The David d'Angers Museum

The Beaux Arts Museum

Set up in 1796 in a 15th century town house known to be a landmark of civil gothic architecture, the Beaux-Arts Museum offers 3000m² of exhibition space filled with paintings, sculptures and works of art.
Photo credits : Musées d’Angers.

The Beaux Arts Museum

Jean Lurçat contemporary tapestry.

Le Chant du Monde, a famous set of tapestries made by Jean Lurçat between 1957 and 1965, is displayed in the old Hôpital Saint-Jean, a remarkable piece of architecture from the 12th century. A poetic, symbolic and humanistic view on the 20th century.
Photo credits : Musées d’Angers.

Jean Lurçat contemporary tapestry

Terra Botanica.

Europe’s renowned garden park. The world’s most beautiful plant species are playfully gathered here. An invitation on a journey among plants and original rides.
Photo credits : Bertrand Béchard.

Terra Botanica


Discover the trade secret (or something close) of this famous orange liqueur, often copied but never equaled. An olfactory and delightfully intoxicating visit.
Photo credits : Cointreau.


More must-sees around Angers without leaving the department :

Château de Brissac.

A chateau built over two periods. A unique monument in France where medieval style adjoins Renaissance style. It is also France’s tallest chateau with its seven stories. It has been the residence of the Dukes of Brissac since the 16th century.
Photo credits : Château de Brissac.

Château de Brissac

Château de Saumur.

A majestic chateau towering over the River Loire. Its early construction dates back to the 10th century. Among others, it hosts one of Europe’s richest ceramics collections.
Photo credits : Château de Saumur.

Château de Saumur

Bouvet Ladubay cellars.

A perfect example of a Saumur house known for its expertise in elaborating fine sparkling wines. Visit the sumptuous 1851 cellars and taste some exceptional wines.
Photo credits : Bouvet Ladubay.

Bouvet Ladubay cellars

Ackerman cellars.

Another renowned cellar.
Visit the cellars and taste the wines from a house founded in 1811. You will love the offbeat decoration.
Photo credits : Stevens Frémont.

Ackerman cellars

Doué la Fontaine Zoo Bioparc

Animals roam free in their natural habitat, a truly striking experience. Watch the vultures having breakfast, gaze with emotion at some endangered species and at the zoo’s cute newborn offspring.
Photo credits : Pierre Chabot.

Doué la Fontaine Zoo Bioparc

Château du Plessis Bourré.

A chateau bathing in water. An architectural masterpiece with drawbridges still functioning. This chateau has been the set of many films including Philippe de Broca’s « On Guard ».
Photo credits : Château du Plessis Bourré.

Château du Plessis Bourré

Rochemenier Troglodyte Village.

Imagine a whole village sunk in stone. A purely outstanding site.
While you are there, make sure you try the fouaces (regional specialty) in one of the troglodyte restaurants.
Photo credits : Rochemenier Troglodyte Village.

Rochemenier Troglodyte Village

The Shelly Sands Mystery.

Classified as a remarkable environmental site, the Perrières site is made up of 15 to 20-meter high subterranean galleries. Along the poetic underground walk, discover the geological history of the Loire Valley and of the rock known as shelly sand.
Photo credits : The Shelly Sands Mystery.

The Shelly Sands Mystery

Fontevraud Royal Abbey.

Old, vast and splendid abbey inspired from Benedictine architecture dating back to the 12th century. Peacefully stroll around this 13-hectare monastic city, Europe’s largest, or watch the many cultural exhibits and events. Full program at :
Photo credits : David Darrault.

Fontevraud Royal Abbey

Château de Brézé.

A few kilometers from Fontevraud, the château de Brézé offers a surprising architecture. A double chateau with an underground fortress. An absolute must-see.
Photo credits : Pascal Girault.

Château de Brézé

The Blue Mine.

All the history of the slate quarries along a surprising journey at the bottom of the mine. From extraction to cutting of the slate, you will learn everything about this beautiful blue stone that covers the roofs of our chateaux and homes.
Photo credits : The Blue Mine.

The Blue Mine

Maulévrier Oriental Park.

Europe’s largest Japanese garden located at the heart of the Anjou region! Enjoy 30 hectares of luxuriant beauty on a walk designed for dreaming and bliss.
Photo credits : Maulévrier Oriental Park.

Maulévrier Oriental Park

Hike and Ride in Anjou

Whether on foot or on a bicycle, along the River Loire or across the vineyards, it always rhymes with quietness and relaxation surrounded by genuine nature and diversified sceneries. A few websites to help you organize :
Photo credits : InterLoire / Stevens Frémont.

Hike and Ride in Anjou

Must-see sights within an hour from Angers :

Le Puy du Fou.

Magnificent shows, epic adventures and high emotions... Come experience the one-of-a-kind Puy du Fou voted best theme park in the world. Travel through the ages from the Antiquity to the early 20th century.
Information and reservations :
Photo credits : ® Puy du Fou.

Le Puy du Fou

Le Futuroscope.

Dive into the fun, fantastic and fantasy atmosphere of the Futuroscope. Embark for extraordinary voyages on rides that combine sensorial experience and image projection..
Information and reservations :
Photo credits : © Futuroscope/JL.Audy/F.juille/D.Laming Architecte/F.Casanova.

Le Futuroscope


This large and beautiful city, 90 kilometers west of Angers, will enchant you with its rich heritage and cultural diversity.
Every summer, the Voyage à Nantes discovery course invites you to take a whole new look into the city. Works of arts invade the urban environment and turn the city into a giant playground.
Prepare your visit on :
Photo credits : Extract from the film “Le Voyage à Nantes vu par Gaëtan Chataigner” © LVAN

The Voyage à Nantes
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21 boulevard Foch
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